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21 Nov

Drugs that may slow down the escalation of prostate cancer by two years

They are probably the most difficult cancer patients to treat – around 150,000 men worldwide every year whose cancer is aggressive enough to defy standard hormonal therapy, though has not yet spread to the point where it can be seen on scans. These patients enter a tense period which can often end too quickly with […]

21 Nov

The hidden dangers of talcum powder…

Despite many reports and theories to the contrary, there is inconclusive evidence that using talcum powder can cause cancer. In its natural form, some talc may contain asbestos, which is known to cause cancer. However, modern domestic talcum powder does not contain asbestos. Asbestos free talc, such as that found in modern talcum powder has […]

21 Nov

How to clean your ears – without using cotton buds

Cotton buds could soon be banned to cut plastic pollution. They’re small, but are actually one of the most serious sources of marine pollution because so many people flush them down the toilet. They’re small enough to be eaten by birds and sea life, too, so they’re pretty harmful. Recently, a whale died in southern […]