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The most comprehensive medical insurance packages available in the market. We offer worldwide coverage 24/7. With our coverage and competitive premiums that covers actual medical expenses both inpatient and outpatient with lifetime maximum limits of up to 50 million Baht per disability/year and choices for discount and annual deductibles. There are 9 different plans to meet yours different requirements.

As one of Asia’s leading private health insurance providers, Pacific Cross offers dependable service with a wide range of options for medical insurance in Thailand. Our flexible network provides service at hundreds of affiliated hospitals nationwide, bringing you 24/7 coverage that lets you rest easy. Moreover, our international health insurance in Thailand covers treatment for a wide variety of ailments and injuries, making it one of the most trusted products on the private health insurance market.

With generous levels of coverage, responsive service and guaranteed renewability, Pacific Cross health insurance for expats delivers an unbeatable combination of versatility and convenience, making it the best health insurance in Thailand. We offer a spectrum of options from limited to comprehensive coverage, allowing our customers the ability to choose the most appropriate plan for their needs.

Pacific Cross also provides plans for groups and individuals, letting you keep your expat health insurance in Thailand neat, powerful and sensibly organised. We guarantee renewability as well, ensuring that a long-term solution is always available regarding Thailand health insurance for foreigners.

A strong health insurance plan is a necessity in today’s world, ensuring fast, reliable and expert coverage when you need it most. Whether you live in Thailand or are traveling through, whether you are alone or with family and friends, health is irreplaceable, and there is no substitute for the safety net that comprehensive health insurance for Thailand can provide.

The Pacific Cross Group of Companies was established 60 years ago as an early provider of Asia-based health insurance. Our current portfolio of health care plans benefits from this deep level of experience and knowhow, bringing our expertise to work for you.

Simply browse through our selection of health care packages available online, and contact us right away by either phone or email to select your new health plan. The sign-up process is quick and easy, and when you activate any one of our nine unique packages offering health insurance in Bangkok and beyond, you’ll be able to live confidently with the knowledge that you are covered by the very best provider in the business.

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Various Health Insurance Plans are available for client requirements. With a hospital network more than 300 that you can conveniently access.

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Various Health Insurance Plans are available for client requirements. With a hospital network more than 300 that you can conveniently access.