Company Overview

Product/Service and Customer Group

The main business of the company are accident, health and travel insurances available through various channels such as agents, brokers and legal entities. Source of businesses can be divided by:
1. Direct insurance
2. Reinsurance from other insurance companies to avoid risk accumulation.

Insurance Products

The company offers Accident and Health Insurances as follows:-

Personal Accident Insurance

Group Accident Insurance

Travel Health Insurance

Travel Insurance for Tour Operators and Guides (TTG)

Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

The company’s main focuses are Health, Group Health, Personal Accident, and Travel Insurances. To offer products, the company considers the interests of the Insured to obtain the maximum benefits. At the same time, the company must be able to operate and profit from the operation

Inpatient Claim System


Claims service

Procedure, period, documentation and processes for obtaining insurance claims.

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Outpatient Claim System

Payment Process

How to contact the company and the relevant agencies for any dispute or complaint

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Customer Groups

The company has sold health insurance and accident insurance for individual customers as well as foreigners residing in Thailand. It offers a wide range of appropriate coverage limits up to a very high coverage limit. In addition, the company provides group coverage plans. Employee welfare is an important part of the business to attract and retain good employees to work with the company continuously.

Table of premium percentage classified by
type of Insurance, year 2017