Company Information

Board of Directors/ Executive Committee

Board of Directors

Mr. Bancha Thanprakorn
Chairman/Independent Director
Dr. Mai Khanh Bui Minh
Mr. Piyapadh Vana-ukrit
Mrs. Chompan Kulnides
Independent Director
Mr. Nat Uawithaya
Independent Director
Ms. Songvilai Jiraphothong
Independent Director/Chairman of the Audit Committee

The board has the authority to supervise and manage the company to comply with the laws, objectives, regulations and resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting. The Board may delegate one or several directors or any other person acting on behalf of the board with a condition of two directors to jointly sign and seal.

The scope of authority of the Board of Directors is as follows: –

  1. Issue the Company’s policies, visions, missions, strategies, objectives, and directions, and supervise the management to ensure that the placed policies are implemented effectively and efficiently.
  2. Consider important matters relating to the company’s business operations, such as business plans and policies, management authority, and acquisition or disposition of assets and properties as prescribed by laws.
  3. Consider and approve the recruitment and appointment of a qualified management team having an appropriate qualification that fits their duties and responsibilities, and also has experiences that are of benefit to the organization.
  4. Administer the risk to be at an appropriate level under the law, objectives and regulations of the Company with honesty, reasonableness and caution in accordance with the duty of care.
  5. Consider the remuneration for the Board of Directors and to consider the annual dividend payment to further propose to the shareholders’ meeting.
  6. Supervise or appoint the sub-committee to supervise the utilization of Information Technology to be in accordance with the business strategies (which are flexible enough to deal with technology changes), manage and issue policies to prevent risks concerning Information Technology and Cyber threat.