Company Information

Executive Committee

Dr. Mai Khanh Bui Minh
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Piyapadh Vana-ukrit
Deputy Chief Executive Officer-Business Development
Mr. Yotsawanrangsikorn Trinity Saksinghanatara
Chief Operating Officer
Duties and powers of the company’s Executive Directors are to act on behalf of the Board in various matters as follows:
  1. Manage the company’s business to be in line with objective, rules and regulations and resolution made by the Board of Directors’ meeting and has the power to supervise staff and employees of the company. In terms of managing the operation, the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the Board of Directors.
  2. Define working conditions of staff and employees, issue orders or notices, determine the management and operation of the company. It must not conflict with the company’s regulations and resolutions of the directors or labour law or other relevant laws;
  3. Third Party Business – The Chief Executive Officer and the authorized directors are entitled to represent and bind the company within the scope of authority specified in Clause 1. Unless the Chief Executive Officer and the authorized signatory assign any person to carry out specific business.