Health Insurance and Accident Insurnace – Premier Plan

Lifetime Renewability
24 Hours Worldwide Emergency Treatment Coverage
Full Medical Underwriting
No Claim Discount Awarded
No Limit on Hospital Choices more than 450 hospitals
Cashless Treatment
Your Choice of Premium Discount Options
Covers COVID-19
Substandard Health Risks Considered

Coverage of Premier Plan

BENEFITS Premier Premier Plus
Maximum benefit amount for in-patient per Confinement 1,200,000 3,000,000
Inpatient Benefits
Room and Board, and Medical Service Fee(s) (Inpatient) per Confinement 5,000 per day
(maximum 45 days)
Maximum 6,000 Baht per day
Intensive Care Inpatient Unit 10,000 per day
(maximum 15 days)
Maximum 12,000 Baht per day
Medical Expense(s) for Medical Examination(s) or Medical Treatment,
Blood and Blood Component Service Fee(s), Nursing Fee(s), Medicine Fee(s),
Parenteral Nutrition Fee(s) and Medical Supplies Fee(s) per Confinement
200,000 300,000
Medicine Fee(s) and Medical Supplies 1 for Take Home Medicine, maximum 14 days 5,000 6,000
Physician’s Fee(s) (Doctor) per Confinement 2,700 per day (maximum 45 days) Paid in Full
Surgical Treatment (Surgery) and Procedure Fee(s) per Confinement 200,000 Paid in Full
Organ Replacement Surgery, Organ Transplant or Replacement of Liver,
Heart, Lung, Kidneys and Bone Marrow including Donor’s costs per Confinement
400,000 Paid in Full
Major Surgery that does not require hospitalization (Day Surgery) 200,000 Paid in Full

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  • 24 Hours Worldwide Emergency Treatment Coverage
  • Guarantee Renewability
  • Your Choice of Discount Options
  • Substandard Risks Considered