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Pacific Cross International Limited

Pacific Cross International Limited has specialized in health insurance in Asia for over 45 years. It owns several reputable health insurance companies of the past and present (Blue Cross Insurance Incorporation in Philippines, Blue Cross Thailand and Hongkong). Pacific Cross Health Insurance PCL is part of the Pacific Cross Group, the leading travel and medical insurance specialist in Asia. In 1980, the company was granted the first license. As our first contribution to the Thai health insurance market, we established Blue Cross Thailand and the company was acquired by Bupa in 1996. The company has returned to Thailand again in 2001 under the name of Med-Sure Services Co.,Ltd. Formed partnership with Nam Seng Insurance Public Company Limited to manage the operation of health insurance and travel insurance. During 2005 – 2014, the company joined partnership with LMG Insurance Public Company Limited, administered the health insurance operation under the project “LMG Pacific Healthcare” for 10 years. In 2013, the company was supported by the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC.). The company acquired on registered health insurance company named “Borrirak Insurance Public Company Limited” and restructured its registered capital of US$ 2 million. The company has officially renamed to “Pacific Cross Health Insurance Public Company Limited” in September 2014, started continuing its growth with fast and stable. By the end of 2018, the company has registered capital of 500 million baht.


“ Provide customers guidance and advice on Health, Personal Accident and Travel Insurance which are convenient, easy to access and understand. Give the customer the power to make a decision, interact with the company on their terms ”


“ Assists customers of all ages by providing the complete information for their consideration to purchase an insurance and build strong relationships with intermediaries and policyholders by all channels of distribution ”