Company Information

Roles, responsibilities and the qualifications of personnel.

  1. Board of Directors
    must have goal and objective, knowledge and understanding of the business and related risks of the company to ensure that problems get properly resolved and to make the effectiveness of the internal control system.
  2. Audit Committee
    is responsible for monitoring the management and the Board of Directors by reviewing the internal audit report, the scope of work and the legal practice.
  3. Risk Management Committee
    establishes a policy framework and risk management guidelines in line with the company’s strategy to propose to the Board of Directors to consider risk management. The strategy is in line with the risk management policy.
  4. Investment Committee
    is responsible for overseeing the company’s investment to comply with the investment policy framework and the risk management policy, investment laws and the requirements of relevant laws, considering the risks inherent in investing and the management approach, control and verify the risk of investing, covering key issues.
  5. The Investment Department
    shall invest in accordance with the investment policy framework set by the Investment Committee. It also complies with the terms and conditions of the OIC regarding investment in other businesses of insurance companies including other laws associated.
  6. Risk Management Agency
    establish a framework and guidelines for risk management, risk assessment, and risk indicators and provide guidance on risk control and mitigation.
  7. Internal Audit Department
    has an important role in assessing effectiveness. The company is responsible for reviewing and testing the control system and risk management system.
  8. Regulatory Complianceis responsible for monitoring and supervising the operations of all departments within the company comply with the regulations and other laws associated.